If you are interested in watersports and the true humiliation and degradation that goes with this particular piece of toilet servitude then you may just meet your perfect Mistress here.

Watersports Mistress Session

A Mistress that enjoys delivering watersports will treat you as her human toilet. She will love nothing more than to watch you struggle beneath her gorgeous body as her golden nectar falls onto your body and into your mouth.. She will get a real thrill from watching her slaves hold her champagne in their mouth before swallowing it all down..

If I want you to gargle, then you better do what you’re told!!!!

She will want to watch you… ¬†she will want you to show her your full mouth so she can place her foot over your mouth until you are forced to swallow every last drop and you WILL be grateful… in fact she wants you to beg her for more, you pathetic piece of shit!

She may choose to spit into your dirty, filthy mouth and have you gargle that too.. She might enjoy mixing her spit with her champagne. How about a cocktail!!

Manchester Mistress watersports Punishment

If you cum to soon, you’ll get that thrown into a glass too!!

As her personal toilet slave, you will be here to serve her and whoever else she might have visiting her at the time. Be careful what you wish for slave!!!