Most Mistresses love trampling subs and slaves..

Trampling Mistress Session

She might start with some street clothed trample and then perform topless, if you are lucky! However it plays out Mistresses Trample fetishists will go away flat faced and happy..

Often times, Mistresses trample can turn into intense cock and ball punishment. You might get the hair burned off your balls before they are stomped hard with her Stiletto boots.  Nobody will hear you as you scream at the top of your lungs as she remove clothes pins from your ruined tool.

She may find Trampling highly amusing and might just love to resurrect your cock then laugh hysterically as she tramples it again and again.  Of course, she won’t stop until you shoot onto her boots or directly onto her gorgeous feet.  All this work will make you very thirsty; she might just have something for you!!

Come and visit a Mistress to experience another world of trample fun and humiliation.