You will be treated to a lot of spit. She will spit into your open mouth, over and over again until it is completely filled. Then you will be ordered to swallow it all. Every last drop!

Spitting Mistress is Looking for a Human spittoon

Sit in front of your Mistress with your head in her lap as she dribbles her beautiful spit from her gorgeous lips into your waiting mouth. This is an ideal position for her to dig my heels into your balls; there perfect encouragement to ensure you do the job required!

Stand in front of your Mistress as she spits into your face.  Feel it dribbling down your face and onto your clothes.  She may just ask you to leave covered in spit.  If she is feeling unusually kind, she might spit into a cup for you to take away and enjoy later under strict conditions that I will determine at the time of your visit.

For the ultimate in spit humiliation, call a local Mistress today.