Key Holding

Mistress offer key holding services for the dedicated slave!

Don’t let her gorgeous body and beautiful looks fool you! She is a complete sadist and she gets so much pleasure out of your suffering.  She finds key holding to be the perfect way to tame her Slaves.  So you need to be ready for this – really prepared to suffer in so many different ways for your Mistress!!

The Key Holding sessions are usually stage in the following way.

Key Holding Mistress Session One – Lock Up

Your first step may be to purchase a chastity device and then contact your Mistress to arrange a “LockUp” Session (typically 1 hour) during which she will make sure you are ready to be put into Chastity.

At the end of this first session you will arrange either a Follow Up or Release Session with your Mistress. Then you will leave your key with your Mistress and go on your way!

Key Holding Mistress Session Two – Release Session

When you return to the Mistress for Release. This will not be immediate.

She will be making the most of your compliance and taking you to your breaking point.

You WILL do everything she says, no matter how cruel, degrading or sadistic! Whether she whips your ass or something more painful or humiliating! You will do as you’re fucking told during this session. You will do whatever Mistress commands of you.  If she says you should enjoy it, then you better bloody had do!

And you will beg for more !!