Many Mistresses love cuckolding submissive men.  Could you be next?  You will find that many have vacancies for cleaning duties and for subs to take care of their Bulls.

What can you expect? Well, first off you should expect to be used as her ashtray, cum hole, face dildo and spittoon. That’s just for starters.

Making you want to fuck her so bad that you take her shopping; she will spend tons of money on herself even though she will never fuck you! How does that sound, are you up to taking care of your new owner?

Preparing your Cuckold Mistress for a date later that day is a joy for your new Mistress and total humiliation for you.  Your job will be to thoroughly clean her ass.  It should be just perfect for the real man she will be meeting up with later that day. Can you do that?

When she returns with two loads of ball cum from her Bull, are you ready? Get down and do your job!  She might just fill your ass with a huge strap-on and spank your balls hard. That should be enough of an incentive to get the job done.

Cuckold Needed for Cleaning Duty!

As a clean up Cuckold bitch you will need to clean your Mistress up after a BULL has delivered his load.  Her Bull might be present.  Along with her Alpha Male Bull, she will crush your spirit.  Expect to be brutally degraded and have your masculinity reduced to nothing.

Would you clean her Bull?

If you want to experience a session with a Mistress that involves cuckolding then get in touch with your chosen Mistress. This is something that has to be well planned. Please do let her know know in advance.  Many Mistresses are very approachable and happy to talk to you about your fantasy.