CBT Mistress

Many Mistresses just adore Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)!!!

As well as ballbusting, they genuinely get a lot of pleasure out of watching how just a little pressure and the tiniest thing can make you squirm beneath her!

CBT Mistress Sessions

Hurting you is so easy!! They just love it!!  They get a real sense of how powerful they are and how useless and pathetic you are.  They really do look forward to meeting you when they know you’re interested in CBT.   They often can’t believe you’re being so generous as to let a sexy little girl like them take total control over your body like this; and to give up your balls to your Mistress in such a way! Oh my! They just love this so much.

CBT Mistress

Prepare yourself for when your Mistress will look into your eyes as her fingers close over your balls and as she starts to apply pressure. She will feel you crumble in her little hands… Won’t you let her tie your hands behind your back, she will ask.  She will want to know you have no way to protect yourself as she takes out her needles..  all the time, she wanders if she could sew your ball sack up and make it look like a pussy!!

Flowers for your CBT Mistress

If you’re thinking of bringing me flowers to your Mistress – Let me help you out..  They love Roses and she will just adore Nettles!! So bring them along and she will show you just why she loves them so much!!!!

A session with a CBT Mistress can combine your favourite CBT with other forms of torture, punishment, degradation and humiliation.

Will you be a good boy and obey a beautiful CBT Mistress?