Body Worship Mistress

Many Mistresses love adoring slaves who kneel before them and offer their tongue and lips to worship at the altar of their sublime Body’s.  As you can see from the picture gallery, many of the local Mistresses are very sexy.  You will be transfixed by their beauty and spellbound by their personality.

Body Worship Mistress Sessions

She may want you down on your knees and kissing her boots.  She will want you to work your way up her legs, kissing her thighs and then stopping before she issues you with full instructions for your next task.  Now then, does she offer you the opportunity to worship her gorgeous pussy or do I humiliate and degrade you by insisting you worship her perfect ass?

The choice is hers of course!  She loves to feel a slave kissing her round cheeks.  It also excites her when she feels their hesitation as she instruct them to part her cheeks and begin rolling their tongue all the way up the crack of her perfect ass.  The hesitation soon turns into passion as she pushes back and orders the slave to hold his tongue out as hard as he can. She just uses his tongue as a mini bullet dildo. He will get used to pleasuring her ass until she wants to cum.

Will you be a good boy and obey a beautiful Mistress?