Ballbusting is great fun for many of these Mistresses! They absolutely adore tying a guys hands up behind is back and putting him on his knees with some well aimed hard kicks and punches… it really helps them take my aggression out on pathetic male specimens whose balls are completely worthless and deserve to be destroyed by them!

If you are lucky, then you might be able to find a Mistress who can arrange a double session with another Mistress. Imagine two sexy women teasing you with their tits and ass and just when you’re starting to dribble they smack your balls hard and start a kicking frenzy that will leave you totally beaten and brutalised in a heap on the floor!!! Will it stop there? No way, these Mistresses will have just got started.  They will ensure you remain a pathetic excuse for a man!

Discover a whole new world of pain with Mistresses that are going to tease your cock again until its rock solid and ready to cum then we’re going to nail you so hard you’ll puke… Watching you puking after a good beating, really turns thse sadistic girls on. grrrrr..

Present Your Balls for Ballbusting Mistress!

You will present your balls to your chosen Mistress and thank her for every kick, punch, slap and elbow… She will take hold of your balls and squeeze them flat, while you gaze at her gorgeous body.. if you whimper, she will just spit in your face.. open up bitch and swallow my spit!!  These Sadistic Ladies just love watching slaves gargle with their golden nectar and spit. She will insist that you hold it in your mouth while she tapes your lips closed.. now let’s see what happens when she lays into your balls with her boots!!

Will you be a good boy and obey a beautiful Mistress?