Ass Worship

Ass Worship MistressMistress Ass worship is on many Mistresses list of favourites because it can turn her on to have a guy licking, sucking and cleaning my sexy ass when I want and just how she wants…

Mistress demands you worship Her Ass!!

Having you kneel behind your Mistress and worship her sexy ass may be one of her methods of totally degrading you. That’s right, oh, and making sure she gets the ultimate pleasure from this while she’s at it!

Don’t be surprised if It makes her laugh when she sees a pathetic slave like you pushing his cock between her boots as he licks and sucks at her gorgeous ass..  she can find it hilarious.  She may not be able to control herself but laugh out loud as she looks down to see a tiny little cock slipping in and out from between her shiny black thigh length boots.  She will make sure to clamp her boots tightly together around your cock so that as you try to pleasure yourself, your cock starts to burn..  She will then grab the back of your head and command you to force your tongue deep as she push back so you can feel a “special gift” she might have for you with the tip of your tongue…

Ass Worship Mistress!

“Harder slave!! push in harder!!!” she will scream as she pushes back hard and if you have been particularly deserving and pleasured this Mistress as she demands, then you little loser may be lucky enough to receive a very special gift into your waiting mouth!!!

Whether you are kneeling behind her with her heel (or stiletto) on your cock to ensure you do as you are told or maybe you are lying on your back with her hovering over your face, she will want to feel your tongue deep inside and working hard!