Phone Domination

If you can’t come down to see me today then I demand that you contact a Mistress by calling the girls on the domination services listed below. Have one of these gorgeous young Mistresses abuse, degrade and torture your pathetic ass and balls right now!!

You can experience Live phone domination. Just call on the dedicated live domination lines below. Choose from one or two Mistresses to brutally dominate you. The two Mistress domination line is My choice for you.  On this line you will be speaking and interacting with TWO gorgeous and sadistic Mistresses at the same time.  They bounce of each other and they will certainly bounce of you!

This is not weak and pathetic slaves who cannot survive the brutal treatment that will be dished out when you call.   It is often best to prepare for your call. Get some tools together. Here are a few suggestions to help get your creative juice flowing; Hair brush, toothbrush with toothpaste, large vegetable or dildo, crop or leather belt, a teaspoon (you may be asked to clean up), a tennis ball, a sock, a nettle from the garden.   

This is the ultimate in Dominatrix phone sex and you miss this opportunity at your own risk!