Contact Manchester Mistress Torment for an undeniably sadistic experience. If you are ready to contact a Mistress, then prepare to meet a Mistress who can take care of your pathetic body and soul! You can come along and be her plaything any time you want… really, it WILL be her pleasure!

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The Mistresses is always looking for genuinely submissive men to toy with and get my sadistic pleasures from! But do be warned when you venture out to meet this cruel Mistress, you will be treated like the piece of dirt you really are!!  No matter what she does to you, you will enjoy it. That will be her command.

Contact Manchester Mistress Torment Today

What she does not want to hear is your whiny little voice complaining that something hurts or feels a little too uncomfortable. She will not want to hear that you want her to Stop.  When she is good and ready, when she has had her fun and when she has had all the pleasure she can derive from tormenting, humiliating, punishing, hurting and degrading you.. then maybe she will consider letting you return to your life!!! Or maybe NOT!!

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