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If you are looking for a strict Manchester Mistress then you’ve arrived.  Here you can locate a lifestyle Dominatrix.  These Mistresses believe in real world encounters that are aimed at punishing and humiliating men like you for their pleasure. (See Key Holding Service) !

For Mistresses that entertain you at their homes, don’t expect to arrive at a dark dungeon but do expect to arrive at their home and experience genuinely strict and cruel domination.  These Ladies are genuinely dominant Mistresses.  You will find that their personality rides rough shod over men and that they demand complete submission in all their sessions.

As far as these ladies are concerned, you are here for their entertainment.

Can You Entertain a Mistress

If one of these Mistresses should decide you should dance around like a fool with your pathetic cock hanging out of your pants, then you’ll do that for her entertainment.  As she sits watching you with crop in hand, you’ll be there to amuse her.  If you put one foot out of place then you’ll pathetic little cock will feel the full force of that crop and you’ll leave black and blue.. but don’t worry, if it burns, she may have mercy and look after it for you.. yes, she will..  she will shower you in her Golden nectar to cool you down!!!!

Just wait until these Mistresses get their sexy fingernails on you!!!  They shall do whatever they like with your pathetic body!  Any fantasy that involves the Mistress having fun at your expense is catered for… from the cruel to the humiliating!!

If you’re lucky,  your chosen Mistress may be in the mood to visit you at your place, you can do no more than request a visit from the very best Mistress.

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